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PRP direct care staff


  • Bachelor degree in a related field; or

  • Associate degree in a related field; or

  • At least 30 credit hours of college credit toward a bachelor degree in a related field; or

  • At least 1 year of work experience in a supervised mental health setting

  • Qualified applicants looking to work with minors will also have at least 2 years of paid work experience serving children and adolescents




Under supervision of the Rehabilitation Specialist, PRP Direct Care Staff will:

  • Be a vital part of the treatment team, collaborating with other agencies and individuals working with assigned consumers

  • Promote recovery and resiliency by providing rehabilitation services designed to meet the individualized needs of each consumer;

  • Meet with assigned consumers weekly, or as necessary, based on the individual needs of each consumer and agency policy;

  • Perform rehabilitation activities in the SFS facility, in consumers’ homes, and in the community;

  • Complete rehabilitation assessments identifying consumers’ strengths, rehabilitation needs, expectations of treatment, and preferences;

  • Develop and implement Individual Rehabilitation Plans;

  • Develop client specific, culturally appropriate intervention strategies including goal setting, planning, and decision making;

  • Continually assess consumer progress, rehabilitation needs, appropriateness of services, and availability of formal and informal supports;

  • Complete and submit thorough, accurate, and timely documentation in accordance with agency policy and all applicable local, state, and federal regulations;

  • Perform crisis intervention and complete Unusual Incident reports, as necessary;

  • Collaborate with SFS staff and the ASO to obtain service authorizations;

  • Engage in proper termination of the helping relationship through transition planning with consumers and the treatment team;

  • Complete discharge/transition recommendations and summaries;

  • Work with SFS staff regarding quality assurance activities;

  • Participate in intensive PRP training, supervision, and treatment team meetings; and

  • All other duties necessary to fulfill program operations

Submit Resume and required documentation to:

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