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Synergy Family Services 


Synergy Family Services, Inc. (SFS) is a dynamic Outpatient Mental Health Center focused on providing strengths based, culturally proficient services to enhance the social, emotional, behavioral health and wellness of individuals and families. Our Goal is to help individuals and families identify and reach goals such as specific symptom relief, self-awareness, self-efficacy, recovery and the enhancement of well being.


We believe in working in partnership with individuals and families to achieve successful outcomes across the spectrum of life domains. Our multidisciplinary staff reflects the unique cultural and linguistic needs of the consumers we serve and all of our services are available in English and Spanish.

We provide a variety of services such as individual, family, and group therapy, psychiatric services, psychiatrist rehabilitation program (PRP), and domestic violence counseling that view your unique strengths and needs.


Our Mission is to build a healthy community through culturally appropriate behavioral health services focusing on those most in need.


Our Vision is to build bridges and fortify underserved individuals and communities one person and one family at a time through bilingual, culturally sensitive services that lead to self-determination, empowerment, and functional sustainability.

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